Modular Home Sales - Are They Worth The Money?

Published: 05th October 2009
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Factory built in sections in a clean, weather free area, that is what a modular home is. The only time these homes will be exposed to the elements is when they are being transported to where they will be set up. These homes are built in the factory in about one or two weeks. Once they are at their final place, they take about 2-4 weeks to the final product.

The term modular home used to be synonymous with manufactured home or mobile home. Today, the standards for modular homes have changed and modular homes are now in sync with site built homes. The same building codes are followed for both types of homes.

By looking at a certain home that was a modular home, more times than not, you would have no idea that a home was a modular. There are unlimited home designs and layouts that can be chosen for a home. A modular home can be added to the same way a site built home can be.

Around 40, 000 modular homes are built each year in the United States. A national average for these homes is $50 - $65 per square foot. This includes the house, transportation, setting and application fees. The price does increase depending on outside factors. Where in the county you live, what amenities you want in your home, the price of the land where your home will be, taxes, etc. Porches, garages, things of that nature are also additional fees that would add to the sale price.

Financing for a modular home works the same way as a traditional site built home. Since these homes are on the same level, a mortgage is structured the same way.

Since a modular home is treated the same way as a site built home, resale values are on par with these homes. They are marketed the same way and sold the same way. Factors such a lot size, location, curb appeal, and amenities all play into the selling of a modular home.

The standards for today's modular homes equate to that of site built homes. The standards are the same, the layouts, the amenities and upgrades can be the same and the longevity of these homes is the same. If you purchase a modular home, it will last a long time and will be well worth the investment.

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