Giant Lava Lamps: Groovy Decor for your Place

Published: 23rd November 2009
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Want an innovative accessory to lighten up your room; the giant lava lamp is exactly what you need. The market is full of the 250 oz. lava lamps. This time they have been launched with the glitter lamps. They can be found under the trademark name of Lava Grande. These lamps have the same appeal as the original smaller lamps and yet they can sizzle up the whole environment of the room. It would not be wrong to name it as the king of all lamps. 27 inch tall, it sure stands high.

One rule to stick to is when you it comes to lava lamps, bigger is absolutely better. The lamps come in various lively color combinations and the wax in it moves with the typical lava motion. The boisterous lava is bound to fill up your room with the scintillating freshness of the bright colors. These lamps do have a mood shifting effect so watch out for that. All you need to do to get you lamp functioning is to plug it in a regular AC outlet and the tall lamp set the ambience of your room. The lamps are all UL tested and are listed as safe.

A 100W bulb is required to heat the lava before it can float around in the lamp. Even though it takes usually an hour for it to heat up and sometimes the lamp would be required to run for 4 hours before it functions perfectly, its effect is totally worth the wait. The hypnotizing effect of the dancing lava can be felt by everyone in the vicinity.

In most pictures, we can see that the wax has formed globules. However, most of the lamps have columns of wax rising and falling. These columns are just as beautiful. Sometimes buds are formed from these columns. These buds rise to the surface. This is another interesting sight. The glow of the lamp has a soothing effect and you can feel yourself relaxing because of the calming hues.

As long as you do not trip over it, your lamp will work just fine. Remember, they say when it comes to lava lamps; go big or go home. If you want to make a powerful statement these lamps are what you are looking for and they work as good as any other lava lamps. But since, they are this huge one can not expect them to be environmentally friendly. They require a lot of power but the results are surely appeasing to the buyer's taste. Do not go for such huge lava lamps when it is about adding a light flair, these lamps are bound to make a huge impact.

Giant lava lamps require care to function properly. But be careful when you are handling the hot lamps and use pot holders, if the lamp is too hot. If you shake the lamp from end to end it will destroy the lamp for good and also make your warranty ineffective. Sunlight will cause the colors to fade and therefore do not place them in the sun. if you shake the lamps while the blobs are warm, chances are that the liquid will go all hazy and the lamp will not function properly. Keep these things in mind and enjoy the beauty of your lava lamp.

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