A Brief History Of Chevy Lumina

Published: 11th September 2009
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The Chevy Lumina was a popular range of cars from General Motors. General Motors is an American Company that designed this car from 1990 until it finally ceased production back in 2001. It went through several redesigns over its lifespan and prove to be a considerably popular vehicle with a good track record and reliability and performance.

Originally, the cars were built in a single plant which was set in Ontario of Canada. The car had a fairly unique design, being known as being one of the longest cars of the W-body type. In 1997, the product line had started to be phased out, slowly being replaced with a Chevrolet Venture.

The very first generation of cars in this product line where introduced in 1990. These were mid-sized cars similar in design to Pontiac Grand Prix. They became very popular cellars, although they were fairly criticised at the time by various motoring press for coming rather late to the game in regards to technology.

The next generation began in 1995 and a whole new range of models was introduced. This second generation for the Lumina saw various redesigned, resurrecting and all not to talk version which was originally want sold as the Lumina coupe.

Also this time in a more powerful engine came in along with various tweaks to the transmission and other aspects of the car. At this point the car was popularly sold in certain packages for taxi companies and law enforcement agencies, growing to the popular and widely respected for its reliability and economy.

The cars were very reliable and generally well received by various organisations and individuals. They went through quite a lot of changes and upgrades over the lifespan, and certain aspects of the design have lived on to be present in newer models which replaced the product range.

1998 saw the third generation of the Chevy Lumina including certain tweaks to the safety of the car. Second generation air bags were included another safety changes and additions were made to the car. Four wheel drive was also introduced, which replaced the original Lumina back in 2000.

Finally, the product range came to an end of production in 1999 in Canada. Production was finally terminated in the United States two years later, but production also continued in certain countries in Asia and Latin America, the car was sold under a different name. Certain versions the car also very popular in the Middle East and South Africa and continue to be for quite some time.

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